Roy Williams Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Speak

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Today our Sports Bonehead goes to UNC Men’s Basketball Coach Roy Williams.

North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams on Tuesday defended his players who were enrolled in classes at the center of an internal university investigation of academic fraud and improprieties.

“The players were eligible to be enrolled in those classes, as were non-student-athletes, and they did the work that was assigned to them,” Williams said through an athletic department spokesman.

UNC on Friday released the results of an investigation that found widespread academic fraud in 54 classes offered by UNC’s Department of African and Afro-American Studies. The investigation found evidence of unauthorized grade changes, no-show professors and an absence of instruction in dozens of classes.

Coach Williams just proved to the world he is not caring about the academic value of his players, only that they are eligible.

Roy Williams, YOU are a Sports BoneHead!