Chicago Alderman is Our Sports Bonehead of the Day!

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We have all heard about Chicago politics and likely have joked about it some time in our past. Do we really believe it as bad as the media and history and written it to be? I think now we have proof that it does exist to some degree. Alderman Tom Tunney, in Chicago, has basically said that the rooftop owners have been nice to him in many ways so he is looking out for them. Not just the good of Chicago or the Cubs but the owners that have wined and dined him for his support for their agenda.What a bonehead. Chicago Politics lives!!!

   A plan to renovate Wrigley Field and add more signage has drawn pointed opposition from influentialAld. Tom Tunney, who says the interests of surrounding rooftop bleacher owners must be protected.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Tunney wasn’t particularly subtle in slamming Chicago Cubs ownership in favor of rooftop-bleacher owners, who have hosted fundraisers for him in the past. Keeping those views of the ballpark open, he argued, is more important than any effort to put more money into renovations of Wrigley Field. The Cubs have proposed a $300 million renovation of the ballpark, which would include structural improvements, a new suite/club level replacing the current mezzanine/suite area, and more. Half of the cost would come from bonds issued against future amusement-tax revenues collected by the city and Cook County (which would probably need to be issued by a third party), the rest from the team. The Cubs would also receive permission to put up a larger scoreboard (the current manual scoreboard would remain) and close Waveland and Sheffield on game day to accommodate fans.

“The rooftops and the owners of Wrigley have a unique partnership,” Tunney said. “They want to be protected long-term. They have a lot invested. The city has asked them to spend millions to keep their buildings safe. We’ve got to find ways they can both stay in business.”

Now, we love the charm of the rooftop bleachers and think they add to the overall atmosphere at Wrigley Field. But openly declaring their interests come before those of the Cubs is more than a little twisted; it’s keeping the dog on life support so the fleas can thrive.

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