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Albert Haynesworth Sexual Assaulted a Waitress

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It is rumored that Albert Haynesworth in in trouble again.  This time for sexually abusing a waitress in W Hotel in Washington.  It is still up in the air whether or not these claims are true or false though.  Given Albert Haynesworth’s bonehead past – we are leaning towards true. So here is what went […]

Jamal Anderson sniffs cocaine

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So Jamal Anderson added his name into the Sports Bonehead library today. He recently sniffed cocaine off of a toilet in a public bathroom. Ewww… You kidding me? Here is the quote regarding this incident. “The patron had heard what he thought was sniffing from inside the stall and told the off-duty officer,” police spokesman […]

TO the red nosed reindeer

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You all gotta love Terrell Owens being TO!  Check out this video of Owens with the red nose and santa hat!  It’s Christmas in Dallas.

DeSean Jackson drops a touchdown on the 1

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DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles may qualify for “bonehead of the month” with his act on Monday Night football.  In front of the entire nation, Jacokson made a great catch going deep from Donavan McNabb.  He absolutely dominated the defender and went 70 or so yards for the touchdown.  Or wait, as he got […]

This is your job Vince Young

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As you all have probably read already, Vince Young is wondering if he should still play football.  This guy has been a golden boy football God since he can remember.  He had it made at Texas and surely in highschool.  Now, in his third year with the Titans in the NFL, Vince is having some […]

Chad Johnson is officially a bonehead

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I’ve always liked Chad Johnson and somewhat defended him when people “trash” him for his touchdown celebration antics. He has never really hurt the team and always gives it his all on the field. But after his latest antics he’s an all around bonehead. Johnson said, “I want to be traded before the draft, and […]

Don’t click publish yet!

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Today’s bonehead goes to the Green Bay Packers IT department. We are all bloggers these days. We’ve all written a post ahead of time and meant to “save” it for future use. Well, apparently the Packers had some “inside info” that Favre was about to retire so they had an article all written up and […]

Travis Henry — victim of secondhand smoke!

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My god, are you kidding?  Travis Henry won his appeal because of that weak argument pulled out of his ass?  Does that mean I can get a free meal at a restaurant for sitting in the smoking section?  How could the league have bought this?  Check out more details here, and I’m sure there were […]

Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards suspended for steroid use

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Chalk up another steroid-jacking bonehead — Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards has been suspended 4 games for violating the league’s steroid use policy. Edwards has been a big key to Minnesota’s success on defense this year, but I guess jacking up made him that way. It’s probably due time that guys get suspended for […]

Arizona kicker Neil Rackers jacks cameraman with helmet

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How does Arizona kicker Neil Rackers take out his frustration? By beating up the cameraman, of course! Fresh off missing a 32-yard field goal that would have won the game, Rackers jacked the TV camera with his helmet, which then flew back into the face of the ill-placed guy behind the camera. The cameraman wasn’t […]