Albert Haynesworth Sexual Assaulted a Waitress

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Albert Haynesworth is being accused of sexual assualt of his waitress for touching her "breast"

It is rumored that Albert Haynesworth in in trouble again.  This time for sexually abusing a waitress in W Hotel in Washington.  It is still up in the air whether or not these claims are true or false though.  Given Albert Haynesworth’s bonehead past – we are leaning towards true.

So here is what went down in a nutshell…

  • Haynesworth ate dinner at this place.
  • Waitress had hands full when it was time to pay.
  • Albert asked if it was ok to stick his cartd in her blouse since she had her hands full.
  • Waitress nodded head yes.
  • Waitress claims that Haynesworth slid the card further down her blouse and started playing with her boobies.

End of story.  A little bit of “who cares’ right?  But it’s Albert Haynesworth being a bonehead none the less.