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SportsBonehead.com is a centralized place for all of the daily boneheaded plays that happen in sports. Think about it, everyday stupid stuff happens in the world of sports. We are going to capture every boneheaded moment and write an article, post pictures, video clips, etc. about it. And you – the users – can vote, comment and read about all of this hilarious stuff on a daily basis.

What is a Sports Bonehead you might ask? A Sports Bonehead is anyone in sports (a player, coach, umpire, etc.) that does something stupid. This might be something thuggish (i.e. Randy Moss getting arrested), dirty (i.e. Michael Barrett punching someone), stupid (i.e. Trot Nixon tossing the ball into the stands before the 3rd out), or funny (i.e. someone tripping over their shoelaces).

How often should I expect to visit this site? Visit on a daily basis! We will be improving and adding to this as we go. It’s only as good as our users make it. Please add comments, participate in polls and most of all – Email us tips!

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